Sunday, January 17, 2010

health care in the U.S.A.

health care is important, its important because if the "State" foots the bill for your health care, chances are you will be better off. In the coming economic strife, when oil becomes scarce and expensive health care is going to be very important but difficult to obtain unless bills more extreme than the one currently in the house and senate are passed.

If your reading this and your American you no doubt have heard about the health care debate. i think both sides of the spectrum have missed the boat.

i woke up this morning and was fascinated by "The Roundtable" on ABC. Now this network is supposed to be a moderate in terms of coverage of politics. So i assumed that it would be a debate on the worthiness of health care for everyone. instead it was a discussion about the upcoming election for Ted Kennedy's old seat as this is a seat that could help the republicans filibuster (Fillibuster means you are able to read anything in the house of representatives instead of voting on a specific bill) I think most political americans miss the point.

I think they missed the point because they do not think about the consequences of health care for everyone. Let me give you an example. Both my sister and my dad have had serious surgery at the hospital close to where i grew up. My sister broke her foot in three places required screws and plates be inserted in her foot as well as 30 something stitches. My Dad has a heart attack while on the golf course and was rushed to the hospital. When i was standing in front of my dads bed and visiting my sister the LAST thing i was thinking was how much money this would all cost. all the care my dad received was free, all the care my sister received was free.

If you are an American and your dad had a heart attack (i know such a stretch due to americans healthy eating lifestyle) or maybe your mom has cancer, would you not want to not have to think about how bankrupt your family is going to be in order to pay for your families ESSENTIAL surgery?

Nearly every time i see a health care debate, i wonder. Why all the debate? this is not something that is debatable.


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  1. As a Canadian, I just don't get health care that isn't available to everyone for free. It makes no sense.